Core Purpose: To provide specialized liquidity, credit, or asset management solutions
                         for lenders and borrowers                          

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Core Values:  Teamwork, Excellence, Innovation, Authenticity, Integrity
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Company History

FirstCity began operations in 1986 as a specialty financial services company focused on purchasing and resolving loans and other portfolio assets. At the time, the secondary market for trading debt instruments was in its infancy with few participants. As the acceptance and efficiency of this evolving process grew so did FirstCity. Today we acquire, service and manage a wide variety of financial assets, including performing and non-performing commercial assets. To date, we have acquired assets with a face value in excess of $12 billion.

Our core services include:

  • Distressed Asset Purchases
  • Due Diligence Underwriting
  • Lending
  • Value Add Real Estate
  • Third Party Servicing (Performing and Non-Performing Loans)
  • Distressed Private Equity

FirstCity 's fundamental business model is proven. Our ability to generate opportunities across a wide range of businesses, industries and geographies is unsurpassed. Our strategic alliances with substantial equity partners enable us to operate with agility and efficiency. The experience and expertise of our team is best in class.

The FirstCity advantage:

For banks, credit unions, insurance companies and other financial institutions:

FirstCity provides the opportunity to quickly dispose of under and non-performing debt and assets - secured or unsecured. FirstCity offers financial institutions an efficient solution to the challenges of managing under-performing assets.

For individuals and organizations with distressed assets:

FirstCity offers creative solutions to individuals and organizations with distressed assets.


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